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Author: playersbeyond

Microplastic: Our dangerous companion

If you look around, what do you see? A book, your TV, your smartphone – of course. I’m sure at least one thing around you is made of plastic. It is an incredibly flexible material, there is no doubt about that. However, today, there is

Climate change: Your job may be the reason

We know what you do on monday mornings. Who has not had these thoughts: „It just all makes no sense. I’ll quit my job.“ We feel you. And then you got up and made your way to work. Just like everyday, just like everyone else.

10 Reasons Why We Hate Plastic – And Love It

Sustainable, zero waste, biodegradable: these are just some of the buzzwords of the plastic-free movement that goes around the world. Until a few years ago, most of us bought, used and discarded plastic products without hesitation, but awareness of environmental protection and sustainability suddenly increases