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Climate change: Your job may be the reason

We know what you do on monday mornings. Who has not had these thoughts: „It just all makes no sense. I’ll quit my job.“ We feel you. And then you got up and made your way to work. Just like everyday, just like everyone else. And even if you kind of like your job most of the time, one question still remains: When will we start doing what we really want to do?

Working independently is good for you – and the planet

If you admit in public that you don’t work much, don’t seek for permanent position or even are an artist is being looked at weirdly in this society. „Nothing comes from nothing!“, „I have to make an effort as well as you do“, „Who will pay for my retirement then?“, „If everyone would act like that, where would we end up?“ – just a few examples for what people tell you if you say you wanna live and work free. Why the hell do so many people enslave themselves? And why should you be happy with doing things that obviously make so many people feel miserable? The climate change is real and all we do is still stigmatizing people that refuse to live in the treadmill that causes so much harm for the world?

Climate change is real: Modern work makes us produce waste

Of course, not everyone is made for absolute freedom and creating their own thing and maybe there are a few people who are more or less happy with just serving big companies. But a life like this will almost automatically lead to a lifestyle that just can’t be good for mankind and the environment. We naturally take the car for the 5 kilometers to work just becaused it’s the fastest way and we’re used to it, we pick up some trash food wrapped in plastic and a quick coffee as a breakfast from the takeaway because we have no time to make a little sandwich at home, we’re all very important „project managers“ for random companies where we fill in bullshit Excel lists 60 hours a week until we collapse, we hardly meet family and friends, that’s the same for everyone, right?, work comes first, we pay heaps of money for a few hours in the spa just to make it through the week – someone has to pay for the home loan, the shiny new car and all the nerdy tech stuff after all.

Work with no benefit for society: Stop the climate killers!

We use all of our resources just to be able to perform in a job that has no benefit for the society, we exploit ourselves and gamble with our health just to buy stuff that distracts us from the real meaning of our existence. When will be break this vicious cycle? Let’s stop the climate killers! The time is now, let’s mold our world into a place worth living!

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