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You find it hard to identify as a typical gamer? Never mind!

Even if you are a parent, a business owner, a student, a dropout, a scientist, a rockstar, a rockstar scientist, a bus driver, Greta Thunberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elon Musk, Iron Man or any other hero / heroine in the making and interested in fighting for a better future…

We welcome you as a new member of the Players Beyond!


Since games have an incredible power to bring people together and engage them for a certain goal, we at Players Beyond follow one mission: To give you and every single person the chance to change the world with games.


With our games, we are doing the first steps towards our vision to inspire and empower people with technology and gaming.

Our philosophy and values

Fun Learning

Changing the world can be hard! We believe heroes deserve to have fun while having an impact. And we can only have an impact if we strive to improve to the best version of ourselves!


Team work makes the dream work! That’s why we want to create captivating experiences for our audience. Because if you want to change the world it’s better to be together!


We see it as a huge responsibility to keep both the world and our business healthy. Only then we can continue to develop good quality products and create captivating experiences for generations to come!


Most importantly: All Players Beyond need courage! Because following your passion takes courage, growing from your failures takes courage and changing the world takes courage!

How it works

The most important factor in the movement is, without a doubt, you – Our Heroes!

Your whole mission is to live a sustainable life and to support each other leaving a beautiful planet for generations to come!
That’s why we’re here: to create your armour in this fight for a better future – our games. We aim to provide you with entertaining and captivating experiences for you to have fun while saving the world! Our environmental and advocacy mission is solely funded with product purchases and with our games through in-app-purchases and ads. In the future we hope to advance our mission further by applying new business solutions to stop the climate crisis such as expanding our experience portfolio, expanding our environmental services and working closer with governments and industry for adding gamification to more areas like education.

Those organizations we work with also support you in your mission to leave a sustainable planet earth for our future generations!

About us

After witnessing the enormous business sector that produces a material that’s literally invisible to most of us while having a dangerous impact on the environment, our founder Victor realized there needs to be a change. But how do you change something that’s deeply ingrained in our everyday life? With gaming! Together with Damian and Benjamin, the three founded the company Players Beyond in 2019.

Our project partners

Thanks to your help we finance and organize cleanups together with our partners.


Clean drinking water


Beach Cleanups
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