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Ready to be a Player Beyond? Choose our games as your armor and support us in the mission to stop the climate crisis! We are constantly growing and updating our games so that saving our planet makes fun!

Pretty Beach

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Have you ever wanted to be part of a beach cleanup? Keep your smartphones ready for the FIRST.BEST.MOST RELAXING.VIRTUAL Cleanup Game EVER. What? Yeah you got it right! Ever!

But don’t listen to us… download it now and help keeping beaches clean!


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Swipe the colored objects into the right container. But watch out – the objects keep moving faster! How long can you keep up?

Tap Overflow

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In Tap Overflow the name is it’s theme:

Dots will spawn all over your screen and your job is to collect them all!

All? Not really… There are red dots that want to kill you.

So be carefull, unleash your super reaction power and have fun unlocking new achievements!

Build Bridge

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Anyone can build a bridge that works, but it takes a genius to build a bridge that barely works 😉

In this game building and understanding bridges are taken to the extreme.

Obstacles must be cleared out of the way, and special blocks have to be used in creative ways to reach the goal.

A simple touch is all you need to place blocks precisely and form a unique bridge!


Coming soon!

Have you ever asked yourself what would you do if you’d own a business? Is plastic just the foundation of your in-game empire? Will it make you filthy rich? And most importantly, will you destroy the world – or give back to the environment and save it? It’s in your hands.


Coming soon!

Save Pingoo the penguin from rising sea levels! Tap to jump, stack the ice blocks and escape from the rising flood.