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Find one of our engaging games and help to support social and environmental projects!

First. Best. Most Relaxing. Virtual Beach Cleanup Game. EVER.

Pretty Beach

Place objects into the correct bins. Sounds easy, doesn't it?


Run your own plastic manufactury. Get filthy rich, destroy the world, or save it.


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We believe knowledge is power! That’s why we share what we know and experience while growing our startup.

About Us

Located in the German city of Augsburg, a world heritage for its clean water, a young and intercultural team came together to tackle the climate crisis!

Since games have an incredible power to bring people together and engage them for a certain goal, our company follows one mission: To give every single person a chance to change the world with games.

With our games we are doing the first steps towards our vision to inspire and empower people with technology and gaming.

It’s like they say: If many small people, in many small places do many small things, they can really change the face of the world!

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