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Frequently asked questions

Our games are 100% free to play!
You don’t need to invest a penny to be a hero.
Just play our games, share them with your friends and support our mission 🙂
However we are happy if you’re interested and support us with in-app-purchases and/or shop purchases.

As you may see, our games contain in app ads.
So the more people play, the more ads are being watched and the more money we get.
We use this money to support ourselves and also donate 10% of our earnings to help projects fighting against plastic waste or develop a sustainable substitute.

Currently we plan to finance and support beach cleanups. So by playing our games you are the driver for real change and literally have the future in your hands.

In the future, with more and better games and more users, we plan to include our community in the decision process as well as to raise our donation. So stay tuned as there will be an official statement 🙂

We envision a future where people unlock their inner hero to create a better future with technology and games.

Therefore, with our games, we want to provide the “armor” in the challenges of the climate crisis.
Our world is cursed and blessed with innovations like the smartphone and the internet.
Let’s start using it for the better!

We would love to! We are always open to meeting new people, sharing ideas and to collaborate!
If you like to join us on our journey just contact us at:
Please give us a short description of what you’re doing and how far you’ve come.
You can also share your social media channels for us to visit you there 🙂

We always look for developers we can support as a publisher.
If you want to support us in any way just contact us:
Let’s keep the mission up and running!

If you’re motivated to work in a creative and open environment just contact us with something about you at:

We work to publish our games on both platforms iOS and Android preferably.
However if there is a game available only for one platform we try to translate it as soon as possible. Otherwise we publish a statement that a certain game is only available for one plattform.

We hate spamming! Yet to keep you up-to-date about our project and different topics we send out newsletters. If you’re interested – subscribe to it! 🙂

On our Blog we highlight certain aspects of sustainability, plastic and various projects to fight against plastic waste.
Visit our blog to see more!